Jewelry, the keeper of a happy moment

Jewelry, the keeper of a happy moment

           With jewelry we turn memories into timeless treasures

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry while getting ready for a night out, I opened my mom's jewelry box.
Sorting through the assortment of earrings, bracelets and necklaces, I found the perfect pair of earrings.
While I was putting them on my ear, I went back in time, to be precise in 1999 when my mom got these elegant earrings from my dad.
It wasn't just mom who got a present then.
I must mention that I also got my first earrings that year.
I still remember the excitement when I opened a beautifully wrapped present for my 18th birthday.
Looking in disbelief, is it possible that these are the earrings I was looking at in the window while I was walking around Split with my mom and dad, my happiness was endless.
I have to admit that of all the earrings I have, I always choose that particular model for special moments because they remind me of the wonderful, carefree years that remained locked in those wonderful earrings.




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