Be special, be yourself, be unique

Being unique means recognizing your talent, your mission and your perfection.

So be who you are.
Each person is a unique and special being.

Don't want to be someone else because of your insecurities.


The magic was created.
A silver ring inspired by a butterfly that, like every woman, exudes tenderness.

Guardians of the past

Beautiful and magical, they have been telling stories about ancient times for centuries.

Guardian of the past

Looking at this ring takes us back to ancient times.

Dalmatian ring

A happy moment locked in a Dalmatian ring.

Looking at this ring takes us back to ancient times.

Did you know that Croatia is the homeland of the necktie?

"...around 1635, about six thousand soldiers and knights arrived in Paris to support the French king Louis XIII. Among them were a large number of Croatian mercenaries who, led by the ban, remained in the service of the French king. The traditional uniform attracted was the focus of the French court with tied, painted headscarves, from the coarse ones worn by common soldiers to the fine cotton ones worn by officers. unknown in Europe at the time, it was accepted at the French court around 1650 and became a fashionable item of clothing for the bourgeoisie of the time as a symbol of culture and elegance, these scarves were also much more practical than the rigid lace collars worn by French soldiers and officers. He brought the tie to England after returning from exile, and it soon conquered all of Europe..."

Silk set Tie

Silk set Tie


STEEL earrings

In our case, a photo speaks more than a thousand words.Our passion and love for work is visible in every piece of jewelry.We are unique_At1997 Croatian brand of fashion accessories.Welcome, become part of our story.

Discover unique pieces of jewelry beautifully made with various techniques, created in the fashion accessories workshop unik_At1997 based in Split.When making them, various metals are used, such as silver, alpaca, steel, semi-precious stones...(...), we can say that we combine the compatible and the incompatible.We love challenges and that feeling of anticipation as new models are created.The greatest reward for this is the smiles of our dear clients (ambassadors) who have shared our story around the world.We are guided by the old saying: "Do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life".We have truly witnessed this for over twenty years.